Thursday, September 10, 2009

My firtst days at PS 234

I'm a big girl! From yesterday I go to the real school!
 In the morning I put on blue dress and mommy gave me my new green and pink backpack! So Daddy,Mommy,Evita,Kate,Caitlin and I went to meet my school friends. At the school yard there were a lot of children! Miss Thea is our teacher. She is very nice person! She helps me with my stuff. I didn't get new friends yet. But I like my school and my teacher !! I hope that mommy will drop me off and pick me up from school.
In the class Thea told us the rules-no running, no screaming, no fightning at all. Also she told us that tomoroow we are gonna to have swimming and playing in the yard!! Today we read the books about kids and animals. We sang a song about our hands and fingers! And then my classes have finished and we went home.
If it's not cold Caitlin, Kate and I will go to Central Park Zoo:)