Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daddy is on a Roll

It began last Friday when Caitlin crawled into my arms and started crying because she was so happy I had been able to set up a last minute play date and sleepover for her. The sleepover was a great success and we took several videos that unfortunately are too large to share with this blog. Then on Sunday I was able to stop my post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas diet early, having lost 18 pounds in 13 days; a personal best. Even better (and unlike a year ago) we didn't have any aupairs quit this time both Ali and I decided to diet at the same time! Finally, out of the blue this morning, Madeline asked if this could be a Daddy-Daughter day. After I told her that I had nothing planned and Diana pointed out that one of her friends parents was scheduled to pick her up after school, Madeline choose to turn down the play date and said, "I would rather be with Daddy."

Wow! It can't get any better than this :)