Saturday, December 10, 2011

Play Date and Sleep Over Drama Ends with a Wonderful Daddy-Daughter Moment

Sometimes it is wonderful to be a father!

Yesterday at after school pick-up Madeline got invited to a play date and Caitlin got stuck with Daddy. Not yet able to vicariously share in her sister's delight, Caitlin spent the afternoon explaining why it wasn't "fair" that Madeline got a play date and she didn't. Paternal wisdom amounting to "Life isn't always fair," fell on deaf ears.

That evening Madeline returned from her play date with great news: She had been invited to a sleep over! This was too much for little Caitlin, who disappeared into her room but could be heard through out the apartment sobbing uncontrollably. Left alone with the childcare responsibilities and lacking a mothers gift for soothing, Daddy devised a plan based upon reason, deception, and desperation.

First, I asked Caitlin (who was still sobbing) to go up to her room and write down the names of her three best friends from Kindergarden so we could try to get a play date next week. Once Caitlin had left, I called a neighboring family, explained my desperate position, and begged for an "emergency" play date with their daughter Nora who was in Caitlin's class. When Caitlin returned, I triumphantly announced that I had secured a play date that evening the possibility of a sleep over the next night.

Caitlin, who was had blurry red eyes from crying so much, leapt into my arms and said, "You are the best Daddy ever!" Then she said, "Daddy, I am so happy I am going to cry again, but this time because I am so happy." And I got to hold my five year old daughter in my arms while she cried tears of joy!!