Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Damage to TriBeCa

Our apartment is off to the left, the girls school is center left, and Mommy's office is down to the right.

Twenty feet of water flooded into the lower level of one of the buildings used by the girl's school.

Mommy's company was one of the few to prepare for the expected 11ft storm surge ...

... which led to this dramatic photo of Goldman Sach's lit up in a darkened skyline.

The blackout went all the way up to the Empire State building because ...

... of a spectacular explosion of a large ConEd transformer at 14th Street.

Water flooded an underground garage in TriBeCa killing a parking garage attendant.

Because a HMS Bounty replica had already foundered in the storm, Daddy spent the hurricane on a 90ft yacht ...  

... so if it blew off its mooring (like this tanker on Staten Island) he could help.

Lots of smaller boats that were hauled out of the water were floated off their stands by the flood, including six at the beach club we go to during the summer.

Ten blocks south of our apartment the storm surged into ground zero ... 

... and filled the Battery Park Underpass ...

... and one of the subway lines we use.

This is the playground down our street where the girls have hosted lots of cousins.

After being without power (and showers) for several days, we rented a house in Conn.