Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Sherman, CT

After having a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving feast at the Yale Club with Ali's uncle and aunt Walsh and the Brooklyn branch of their clan, we headed north with our aupairs to our new Sherman escape. We were joined by the Lubbel's who have a son the girl's age. Bonnie, our new favorite cook, delivered an excellent prepared dinner of Turkey and all the trimmings which literally cost less than dinner for two in Manhattan. The evening was completed with home-made pies eaten in front of a roaring fire.

Today we had the parental pleasure, unique for New Yorkers, of having the kids play outside in the yards and barns without concern about cars or strangers. Later we joined the kids for long walks to a grass-field airport and large local lake. We took time for a group photo in front of one of the barns.